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Organisational Psychologists occupying a competence development niche in Human Resources Management, Organisational and Institutional development and Applied Research in these and related areas for now 2 decades.

With a solid research background, PILA is “boundary less” in terms of underlying theories with capacity and interest to learn from American as well as European theorists. It is from that experience over the years, that PILA has developed and continues to modify an eclectic approach to the unique management problems of the African practitioner and academic. The emerging model is currently referred to as Operant Competence and Capability Analysis and Profiling (OCCAP).

The model subscribes to both the sociocognitive and the socioecological orientations to problem diagnosis and prescription. In figure one we summarise our prescriptive framework while in figure 2 we posit its diagnostic or research complement.

The figure assumes that efforts to create and maintain competitive sociotechnical system is to turn them into agents of prosperity those for themselves and for those they serve. Competitiveness here includes the capacity to attract resources, deliver and enjoy or consume the anticipated results within a culturally and historically nested activity set. PILA assumes that competitiveness will emerge from agency found at four planes including organisation, department, individuals, and relationships.

The figure also assumes that these are appropriately located at the corresponding position of the actor, subject or agent. Agency in this context is understood as freedom of movement generally or freedom to act or experience in a desired direction. Consequently, the essence of institutional and organisational development is to identify the agency focus and promote opportunities for the co-evolution of each agent. By utilising instruments most appropriate at each level PILA seeks to revitalise, energise and promote agency. The process and expected output is summarised in the emerging Operant Competence and Capability Analysis and Profiling (OCCAP) Framework.

Figure:2 summarises PILA’s current framework for diagnosing and prescribing for contextually competitive institutions, organisations, departments, teams and individuals. The framework allows PILA to develop theories of change suitable for its respective clients in all sectors.

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